Radiation Set to Start

Max's appointment with the oncologist/radiologist went pretty much as expected.

Max will get a very low dose of radiation over a very small area (what's left of his tumor) as insurance that the tumor is really dead. The doctor doesn't expect Max to have any adverse side effects like nausea or vomiting or fatigue because the area and dose are so small. The treatments will start on Monday May 30 and will happen daily for about 3 weeks. Each treatment will take about 5-15 minutes total.

Max will have a trial-run this Thursday to introduce him to the room and where he has to lay, etc. Most likely Max will not be able to lay still for the treatments, so he will get anesthesia each day. No one can be in the room with him and there are no windows for him to see anyone through. We'll see how he reacts, but I'm not sure even the DVD player will be much help!

Max wins Pretty-Pretty-Princess! Like those earrings?


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