Chemo 5 on!

Max finally was able to be admitted to Children's on Monday. He is doing great. He is participating in a clinical trial for a new type of anti-nausea drug. I'll post the drugs Max is taking for those interested in a later blog post (the list is at the hospital). There is a new photo of Max with all the diodes attached to him on the photo site here

Max got up early today and wanted to find 'the bike', a specially modified tricycle with an attached IV tower for a patients drug bags. Max was watched over by his Aunt Randee for the afternoon and played pirate and generally had a great time.

Melissa brought Hannah to the hospital in the afternoon and Max got to hang with his sister for a couple hours. Since we move both of them into the same bedroom this fall, Max and Hannah have never been closer and so both of them miss each other greatly when they are separated. Still, a small price to pay for the long-term benefits. To anyone reading this with kids relatively close in age, I would recommend trying the shared room concept!


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