Chemo 5 delayed (again)

Max did not check in on Wednesday (2/2) as we had planned and hoped to do. Same problem - white blood cell (WBC) count too low. So, as punishment for being such a bad boy we decided to give him some shots. Just kidding, of course. It wasn't punishment for being bad, but his doctor did want to try to boost his WBC count and so we have to give him GCSF shots through Sunday night. He obviously doesn't like these shots, but this is what has to be done. During Max's next stay in the hospital I am going to get one or multiple 'faux' shots - get stuck with a needle, basically - so that Max understands that its not just him that has to get shots. Hopefully it will help him handle these shots better emotionally from then on, as its pretty traumatic for him. That's all. Wish us luck in checking in successfully on Monday.


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