Nov 2 Update

Thank you all for your outpouring of love and prayers for Max. We have been through a whirlwind of events since I last emailed (oct. 27) so let me get you updated if you're not on my Mom's list! (For those of you I didn't send my prior message to, I apologize and hope you're not too shocked when you read all of this. We're still in shock and really haven't had time to react to these events ourselves.) Know that we all are actually doing well under the circumstances.

Max was finally diagnosed around Friday with a rare childhood cancer called Nueroblastoma. All of the sickness he has displayed since (we think) last April from colds to constipation to fevers, etc. were caused by this cancer. It is very difficult to diagnose sue to the symptoms up until it really displays itself with fever, limping, anemia. Max had a blood transfusion, bone scan, CTscan, MRI, several blood tests, urine test, xrays, and heart ultrasound in the course of three days to determine his illness. It's been crazy.

Max underwent a surgical biopsy, cathider placement and bone marrow biopsy this morning. Everything went exactly the way it should have. (Thank you for your prayers!) Max came out of surgery around 11:00 and was in his room eating cheerios and drinking apple juice by noon. He's very exhausted, but doing great. Little trooper! The biopsy will be read by pathology and his diagnosis will most likely be confirmed as Nueroblastoma sometime tomorrow.

As soon as the diagonsis is confirmed Max will start chemotherpy treatment (like tomorrow). We have a schedule from Max's Oncologist, Dr. Moody, that outlines his chemo treatments and other procedures through December 2005. Dr. Moody has been very frank when it comes to Max's diagnosis and we have every confidence in her and the plan for Max's fight against this cancer. She is familiar with this cancer and has treated it many times before. We were even able to meet a 16 month old boy, Isaac, just down the hall from Max who is going through treatment right now for this cancer. He looks great and is doing well.

We are scheduled to come home hopefully on Friday if everything goes right with his first chemo treatment. (I feel like I'm writing this as a third person. It's all very surreal.)

I'm tired and need a good nights' sleep. Again, thank you for your prayers, your thoughts, your generosity. We can't thank you all individually right now, but know that you are all keeping us strong and will continue to do so as Max fights the big fight through next year. As always, we'll keep you all updated.


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