Max is in the Hospital...

Hi Everyone -

First, We'd like to thank everyone (who already knows that Max is in the hospital) for your love, prayers and thoughtfulness. We really appreciate everything.

Second, Max is doing okay. Same as before with the low fever, body aches, restless nights, etc. He was diagnosed with pneumonia last week and took an antibiotic, however, his fevers still haven't gone away (day 18 now). So, his pediatrician thought it best to admit him to Children's Hospital so that they can give him constant attention and run test after test after test until they figure out what the problem is.

Currently they have no answers. They have a lot of ideas as to what he could have, so right now they're doing a process of elimination through all the tests. This morning he goes in for a CTscan and hopefully they'll hit something. It could be something like childhood arthritis, an infectious disease... don't know. We just have no idea at this point.

The doctors and nurses there are great, as you might guess, and Max has settled in quite nicely to his bed that goes up and down and couldn't be happier about the TV at his control (great).

Yesterday was a little stressful for all of us. Nothing like checking your baby into a hospital to freak you out! However, we're very happy to be there with all the medical magic and not trying to deal with this at home anymore.

We'll keep everyone updated as we learn more. Thank you for everything!


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