Chemo Round #2

Hi all -

Just a big thank you to everyone whose thoughts and prayers helped get Max to his next chemo treatment ON TIME! Max's bloods counts were A-OK today. He checks into the hospital Weds., Nov. 24 for three or four days.

Max's hair started coming out this week already (only 2 weeks since his first chemo treatment). We took it down really short with the clippers and he's pretty relieved not to have it on his hands, in his mouth, in his eyes. Don't be surprised next time you see him! He may not have any left! Irene Jenkins, a mom of one of Andy's childhood friends (Dave), sent Max a bunch of hats last week. His favorite is a blue-camo fleece skull cap. He wore it today and looked totally cute. (Thank you Irene!)

Happy Thanksgiving!
The Mikulak's


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