Sam and Sydney

Two amazing, beautiful children from two amazing, beautiful families share a powerful connection on this March 12. One year ago, Sam Hutchison became the fastest angel in heaven. The photo below is from a collection of photos I never saw before, posted on a blog by another angel amongst us, photographer Deb Schwedhelm.

Sydney Marie Dudley is well-known to readers of Will Lacey's blog. Sydney's mom Rhonda posted the sweetest stories of Sydney during her fight against neuroblastoma. That Sydney and Sam should die on the same day is some sort of cosmic symmetry I'll likely never understand but in this crazy, mixed up (I had another word in mind that starts with an f but y'all know that about me already) world of childhood cancer, it's comforting to know that Sydney and Sam got to heaven within hours of one another.

Please lift these families up in your thoughts and prayers today. The first angelversary is bittersweet, at least from my experience. Relief comes knowing there are no more "firsts" to endure: First birthday without. First family photo without. First _________ without. Sorrow comes from realizing that this is the way the rest of your life will be... without.

We love you Sam and Sydney! Say hi to Max for us!


Randee said...

It just makes my heart hurt!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful write up, Andy... And, yes, it does make our hearts hurt... everyday.

Anonymous said...

It is more than heart breaking. And yesterday we lost another extraordinary child to this disease. Everyone please share and show your support. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/salvatorevanni

Like Max, Sal's heart continued to fight til the last moment...his body just was too weak to go on. Another Angel.

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