Send some good thoughts the Axson's way.

From Nathan Axson's CaringBridge site this week. Nathan is NED. He has, however, been in the hospital for almost two weeks having some terrible difficulties with gall bladder blockage. While the docs don't think he has relapsed with NB, it is in the back - maybe front - of his mom's mind.

Uncertainty is so scary. But I guess not as scary as a confirmed relapse. I believe that it is something else. But I can't lie, I have to prepare for the worst.
I guess this is my new normal. Bouts of happiness interrupted by times of helpless, numbing fear.
I know that sounds depressing..but I am in a cold and dark hospital room, too far from my family. The love of my life sleeps next to me..blissfully ignorant, while I drive myself insane in front of this computer, searching for answers...wishing I hadn't learned so much.


Randee said...

I am just going to check the fb I Like box because there are no words to give a mother going through what this mom is enduring. I am praying for Nathan and his mom!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Max,

I was thinking of you tonight and wanted to stop by to see your scrunched up nose smile!


PS Aiden says his favorite color is orange. I told him that yours was also.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mikulaks,

You don't know me... but I have been following your blog for a long long time. Like everyone else, I was incredibly touched by Max, and saddened by his passing. I just wanted to let you all know that I still think of him often, and probably always will. He was such a sweet, smart boy. As I enter a time in my life where I will start my own family soon, I plan to keep his story in my heart to make sure I treasure every day. In his short life, he brought so much goodness to the world. A gift that truly keeps on giving - far beyond what you already know.

Love to your whole family.


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