I Am

I am a generous girl who likes to read.
I wonder if someone will ever create the flying pill.
I hear lines from stories tumble around in my head.
I see people creating great things.
I want to be able to fly.
I am a generous girl who likes to read.

I pretend I am the smartest scientist ever.
I feel people hugging me lovingly.
I worry if someone else in my family will die.
I cry when I remember Max.
I am a generous girl who likes to read.

I understand that death is as natural as birth.
I say everyone is equal.
I dream about my life in the past, present and future.
I try to be helpful.
I hope no one else in my family will die.
I am a generous girl who likes to read.

By Hannah
September 2009


Anonymous said...

what a talent she has at such a young age, she is going to do big things in her life

Anonymous said...

I'm blown away by this. Stunning.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, this is truly beautiful. I marvel at all that goes on in that little head of yours!
I see YOU creating great things... I am so proud of you.
I cry when I remember Max, too. He is so very special in our lives.
I love you, Nana

Bree said...

Hannah, YOU AM a sweet and brilliant girl!

deb schwedhelm photography said...

OH MY GOSH!! i saw the soul in her eyes the moment i met her. and i've always felt that were something special about that photo of her. glad you see it too.



Melis said...

Deb - this is definitely one of my favorite "deb" photos of Hannah. She comes thru in B&W and color in such a way that is so true to her spirit. Thank you.

Jenee said...

What a sweet and special girl!

bigD said...

Your poem is beautiful, just like you. So many thoughts and ideas to share in such an honest and loving way. Take care sweet Hannah. You and Max and Nick and your Mom & Dad are often in my thoughts and my prayers. God bless you every one!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Powerful.

Leigh William said...

Hannah -

Keep writing. You have a gift.


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