Buy a Hyundai, Help Find a Cure for Childhood Cancer

I admit the title of this post sounds a bit trite, but it's also true. I figured it was time to recognize automaker Hyundai for their amazing support of childhood cancer. By the end of 2010, through their Hope on Wheels charity program, Hyundai will have awarded more than $23 million dollars to children’s hospitals and non-profit organizations across the U.S. to support the fight against childhood cancer.

Dr. Giselle Sholler at UVM was just awarded a $100,000 grant that will be used to help finance the work that her lab is doing and the clinical trials available through the NMTRC. That's a lot of money for a corporation to donate to a specific program. And they're doling out 68 of these $100K grants this year (that's more than the American Cancer Society and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society doled out for childhood cancer causes last year combined!) Kudos to Hyundai for taking a leadership role amongst companies that sell products to parents, by tackling what we all know is a challenging and emotionally charged issue like childhood cancer, instead of something "easier" like literacy. There are many fine companies that support childhood cancer research such as Volvo and GLAD, but Hyundai leads the pack.

My next car will be a Hyundai, for sure.


Randee said...

Kudos Hyundai!!!!! Maybe this is just the beginning!

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