KUSI Interview for Touch-A-Truck

On Saturday morning, May 23, we were invited over to our very-local TV station KUSI to advertise Touch-A-Truck! Our friends, the Mouratoff's, set-up the interview through Dave Stahl the Car Guy and let us borrow their Nascar and their daughter, to do a super great segment on the morning news.

Borrowing the car isn't quite as simple as it seems. NASCAR's are... well... a bit loud and not street legal. So the Mouratoff's actually got up with the sun, had the car trailered over to KUSI, unloaded it in the parking lot, pushed it into the back of the lot for the segment, then did the reverse to get it back to the car's home. It was quite a bit of work. All I had to do was show up and remember facts about the fundraiser!

A big "thanks" to them and to Erin for being the NASCAR spokesperson.

In addition to being able to climb in and get your photo taken in this NASCAR, we've added a few more vehicles to the line-up:


Vickie said...

I don't even like vehicles all that much, but your photo display of Touch A Truck mobiles has gotten me quite excited and wishing I was a southern California girl.

The best two things to me is how creative an idea it is and how totally Max it is.


San Diego Mom said...

Woo-hoo! Melis and Elin, you guys look awesome on TV! Darn, we won't be able to be there. Sam would have loved it!

Bree said...

Wish we could be there this weekend! Praying for a great turn out. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Missing everyone, Bree

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