Please do...

Visit two sites today and offer words of encouragement to two different, but inter-connected sets of parents.

Paul and Nina lost their precious Eden a year ago today. As I've mentioned in previous posts, Eden Brunskow was a sweet girl who lived in Orange County, was treated at Sloan before she went to Vermont and Dr. Sholler for an extended lease on her too-short life. Dr. Sholler provided Eden's family with options when no one else would give her a chance to live for just a while longer. And I know Paul and Nina value that extra time like nothing else.

I have never met Cody's parents and don't even know their name. Cody is about where Max was in mid-August... likely weeks away from losing his battle with neuroblastoma. Cody and family are headed to the beach to make memories that unfortunately will have to last a lifetime. Please let them know that lots of us are thinking of them.

This must stop. We have to stop losing our kids to a cancer that is so aggressive, so misunderstood, and so neglected.


Randee said...

You two are amazing--I visited Eden and Cody's blogs--heartbreaking. The strength of you NB mommys and daddys is beyond what my mind can comprehend. I look forward to the unfolding of the Maxapalooza. Hugs to Hannah and Nic!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of Max....it follows that I'm also thinking of Hannah and Nicky, my heart goes out to them.

Max's Ring of Fire sounds awesome. I look forward to supporting it. I love the music video, it is so COOL to hear Max singing on top of the actual track.


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