Another look at Max the Monday before he passed away (six days). Doesn't he look great helping with those pancakes? Also featured on this snippet is Max playing his favorite computer game, Snowy the Bear (game courtesy Mrs. Sturt!), and some video of Max at Disneyland this summer. Recognize those rides? The old school rides are still the best as you can see by Max's smile.


Anonymous said...

adding to my pot.... xolisa

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss of such a beautiful boy....

please join us in the fight for more awareness of childhood cancers


sign our petition

Take care....

San Diego Mom said...

Forever smiling Max. His image in my head is becoming ever more solidified and shining like a bright sun shine. Makes my heart warm and ache....Shiho

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful son with the whole world. He continues to touch many hearts all the time. My prayers always include one for Max and one for your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

How very blessed you are to be able to ALWAYS hear his sweet voice and see his adorable face and being forever "7"...modern technology has given you this. The 'tear soup' continues to fill with all these images and memories you are so graciously sharing. Thank You! xo Linny

Talita said...

I wont ever forget Max, he wone my heart and I will forever remember him as such a scecial, happy, beautiful and warrior boy!
May his mimorie bring smiles to every1 around him.
Each time I see fighter plances for sale I remember max, and I even got 1 for my little boy a few days ago, its ther on his shelf and each time I see it I remember Andy, Melis, Hannah, Nicky and MAX!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Melis
I chanced upon your blog of your beautiful family and Max. He is a lovely boy and my heart just ached when I see the photos and imagine your pain.
Best wishes to you and your family
from Singapore

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