Thanks to Casa Blanca Spa

The fundraiser for MagicWater hosted by Casa Blanca Spa was a big success. $6500 were raised in loving memory of Max at their three hour event.

I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Marcina, Neil and Kendra Checkett's. You are a great family with a lot of heart and we're very happy to have your support in efforts we believe in. You are very special.

The event was really great, by the way! They had the newest, biggest, baddest SWAT team vehicle there, a fire engine, Kendra's Lemonade Stand (only $6 a glass!), a mojito bar, homemade nacho bar, spa experiences, hair treatments, silent auction for some amazing items, lots of fairy dust... it was beautifully done. Kendra invited Hannah to help her at the lemonade stand and they had a great time, fluttering around in their fairy wings, serving guests, getting their nails painted, and out bidding their parents on auction items (you do the math).

All in all, a great afternoon for a great cause.


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