Home Visit was Great!

What a panic: I had to rush the kids home from camp Thursday to get Max's blood draw. Ha ha. The hospice nurse visit was very nice.

Deb was here to take pics (photos). Max was a little nervous about being poked at home and cried during his whole blood draw. The most he does at clinic is have a short ouchie-moment when he's being poked. Could be that I don't have a TV hooked up in his bedroom to distract him. Nonetheless, Max did great and he and I talked about having the nurse come back every week to do the same thing. He told me he preferred to get poked at clinic. Then we talked about how much time that takes compared to a home visit and he changed his mind. Yay!

One cool moment was the mic-key button change. In the past he has panic attacks during the button change. I'm not sure if he thinks his insides are going to come out when his button is removed or what. But the nurse we had at home did the switch so quick he didn't even have time to react (Deb took a great photo of this). And the nurse let him hold the old one (it wasn't too gross) and inflate the balloon. He was very happy about this. So was I.

The nurse we had this week, Heather, is not gong to be Max's regular nurse (although she's welcome back anytime - she was so good with Max). Liz was unable to make the first home visit due to some special training, but we are looking forward to having her on board. Liz was actually one of Max's (many) nurses during front line treatment when he stayed inpatient every month for his chemo.

I'm hoping Thursday was a good indication of how much more quality time we'll have as a family.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the home visit went well. Could you distract Max with a video game on the laptop for the poke? xolisa
(Knowing you, though, you probably already thought of that!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How wonderful that you don't have to travel to the hospital for this anymore! The drive alone takes so much time. As long as Max is cool with it then YEAH! Hone visits. Who knew and why didn't anyone think of this sooner! Melis, I know this is going to be such a blessing for you because it will add a ton of time to your day and you don't have to take Nick and Hannah anywhere in either! XOXOXOXO

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