Scan week

Yesterday and today we scanned - MIBG and MRI. Since I was off work as of yesterday, I went with Max to the MIBG on Thursday. He did well, except towards the end when he had a little meltdown on the full-body scan. However, that's nothing that a cheap plastic dinosaur the wonderful techs (ie, Melissa) keep around for just such a moment.

So, for the news everyone is waiting for.... the damn spot is still there on the T11 vertebrae. This is my read during scan, but it was clearly still there. I couldn't tell if the spot was larger or smaller than before. As well, no new spots either, which would be expected. We're meeting with the head of radiology to get a better idea of the interpretation of the data than the written report can provide.

Still, not the ultimate outcome we were hoping for, but at the worst we're stable with minimal, refractory disease.. But then, the outcome we'd most like to hear would be, "cancer gone and looks like its never coming back," but those are not words a rational NB parent ever expects to hear. But in this holiday season (since we just watched 'The Polar Express'), ya gotta believe!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the blessings of the winter holidays to everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm still believing and praying! Merry Christmas to you all! Much love, lisa

Anonymous said...

You are right we didn't get the news we were hoping for but I'm with lisa and still hoping and praying. We WILL hear those wonderful words... NED!!

Love Nana

Randee said...

I believe!!! I truly do believe and that's why I pray. Max is such a blessing to everyone who knows him, meets him or hears about him. There's "Magic in Max"!!!!

May God's Precious Gift fill your hearts on this wonderful Christmas Day!!
Annee Ranee

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