Lab Rat?

The WSJ article on Sam Hutchison ran in today's (Saturday) Wall Street Journal. It's a Page One article so hopefully it will bring some good attention to our cause! You can click here to read the story for free.


Anonymous said...

I NEVER pick up newpapers, but Sam's face jumped out at me and after reading the first few sentances I quickly purchased yesterday's WSJ. WE have a 7 year old son with stage 4, high risk neuroblastoma. We've just finished the standard 6 rounds of chemo, and had the tumor removed Nov. 28, 2007. Now we wait (for ^*()%% isotopes to be produced again) for pathology results and MIBG scan to determine of radiation will be neccessary, then the stem cell transplant. But what comes next? We are realistic - it's stage 4, high risk . . how long before it cdomes back. MY husband and I both feel like we are not being proactive enough, yet we don't know who to ask, where to turn for help. Our oncologist can't advise us. This article has opened up a whole new doorway for us. Thank you, thank you and we will add Sam and Max to our "hope" list. Karen & Ross parents of Josh, White Rock, BC Canada.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Amazing. I was trying to think of a way you can get the magicwaterproject.org name on there somehow for some free PR and maybe some $$. Maybe in a follow up article or something down the line- or maybe seeing if the author could add it in the addendum on the online version where they list the "cancer cocktails"... Go Neil- amazing.

Carrie Palmer

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