Stem cell transplant procedure update

Andy here. Melissa's still staying with Max 24/7 until tonight (friday) when I take over for the weekend. Last night, Max went on IV nutrition - nothing unexpected as he's beginning to stop eating as a result of sores in his GI tract - which in turn is due to his temporary lack of a functioning immune system. He's also beginning to get some pain medication (morphine) as he may still continue to eat a bit (good) if it doesn't hurt to swallow, chew, etc.

While this is the riskiest portion of the procedure, and which may last for another week to two weeks, Max is doing quite well, relatively speaking.

Melissa will write a more comprehensive update this weekend when she has the time and energy! Thanks to all for the kind thoughts, words, gifts, and offers of help and support. While Melissa and I don't always get to respond to them in as timely or full a fashion as we would like to, know that we DO appreciate everyone's concern and are very grateful to have such wonderful friends and family.


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