Final Chemo and Transplant have begun!

Max is officially checked in for his big stay: Chemo 7 and the Stemcell Transplant.

Max had an easy day yesterday when we checked-in. Got settled in the room, decorated with all our fish stuff (thank you all), and then had pizza for both lunch and dinner.

This morning he started his final chemotherapy. It will run for four days, then he'll have a three day break before his stemcells are infused. We're not sure what to expect in means of side-effects (nausea, vomiting) during this chemo session... He's on two new drugs (carboplatin and melphalin) plus etoposide. All three are given in much higher doses than he's had before to ensure that Max's bone marrow (which carries the cancer) will be completely wiped out (killed) prior to reintroducing his clean stemcells.

So far today he's feeling great: he ate a big piece of pizza and three fruit cups for lunch; watched a few programs and a movie; and spent two hours in the playroom (the highlight of the day!). His appetite at dinner slowed down a little, and he's getting tired. I'm sure the chemo is starting to wear him down.

By Tuesday his blood counts will drop and he will not be able to leave his room except for about an hour a day to go to the playroom by himself. He has a nice room to be cooped up in... the room is large and has a wall to wall window that looks out on a nice garden and lets in lots of sunshine. I feel fortunate Max was placed in such a great room... some are very small and dark.

Max is such a little trooper and so very cooperative with the doctors and nurses. He doesn't complain about anything. What strength in such a little person.


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