This video is about 6 minutes long and looks at Max's birthdays.

Forever 7.



Bree said...

As I sit here this morning (on my birthday) I cannot help but remember Max and once again think about how unfair it is that Max would just celebrate 7 birthdays. How I wish along with you that this wasn't the case. We miss Max so much! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful boy with a beautiful special spirit. I tried so hard not to cry....NOT! Thank you for sharing. xo Linny

Anonymous said...

i hate that my NB has let me live longer.

Anonymous said...

Precious memories... I think I cannot cry anymore tears but I can and I do. I love to watch these little movies of Max. It brings him close again.
I miss you, Max.


Melis said...

Dear Anonymous poster: do not hate that you have been able to battle neuroblastoma and live! We still cling to hope that there are and will be long term survivors of NB. Without that hope and you living life to the Max, the battle that Max and other brave little souls waged would be for naught. Keep the front lines manned! We'll be there with you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Melis. I understand, sometimes I just feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful boy. The plate says it all. You are Special. That is how you and your family made Max feel. You are all so blessed to have had each other. Peace

Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing me to gaze at Max through the years, such a sweet boy. Max deserved a long life filled with many, many happy birthdays. But he is forever seven.

It is so hard to understand...but I will always remember how Max LIVED; he never lost his sweet smile. Wishing you peace and comfort.


Anonymous said...

Seeing these images of Max, it's pretty easy to see why he was so special to you and so many others. It's also pretty easy to see that he was very much loved by thoughtful parents. It seems pretty clear to me that his seven years were very full ones.

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