Holiday Cards Featuring Artwork by Max and Other Awesome Kids!

This holiday season, it will be very easy to take something that most of you already do, and turn it into something that helps kids fighting cancer.

The artwork featured on Cure to the Kids holiday photo cards has been created by a nationwide group of pediatric cancer patients, by artists, and by siblings of pediatric cancer patients who are greatly impacted by the disease. When you purchase your holiday cards this year, you can help change the future for these children by ensuring they are alive to experience it.

Max made this snowman in December 2007, right before things went awry and his cancer effectively started to explode in him.

By buying your holiday cards via Cure to the Kids, 50% of the purchase price will go to the NMTRC - which is the childhood cancer research and clinical trials consortium that was started, and is led by, Max's oncologist in Vermont Dr. Giselle Sholler.



Thelma said...

A great idea! What a wonderful way to show off these childrens art work and to raise money for pediatric cancer. I've ordered my cards and can't wait to show them off! Max would be so proud of his litle snowman.


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to your family. My nephew, who is now 17, lost sight in both eyes at 4 mo. to retinoblastoma. He was only months away from the tumors progressing to neuroblastoma. He has faced many challenges bravely, as your max did. My nephew's name is also Max. God bless all of you.

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