Touch-A-Truck Blew the Doors OFF!

It's Monday and back to the grind. I'm in mop-up mode following a wildly successful event. We raised just about $29,000 for childhood cancer on Saturday, and most of it was through admissions and general donations at our lemonade stands, bake sale, cake walk, and through the efforts of our armed forces. (huh?, you say?) The Navy SEALS and Marine MARSCO units did a little fund raising on their own for us in the Camo-Area of Touch-a-Truck. They rock in so many ways. Here they've teamed up with a special Star Wars Unit... (Needless to say that everyone had a great time - even the big kids.)
We made some incredible new friends this year who we hope to take with us into the future of this event. Yes, the future. Saturday 's attendance was over 2500 by our estimates. This is up 5x - 6x times from last year. And from the response we've received thus far from attendees and participants, I see this event being bigger, Better, LOUDER every single year. Changes will, of course, have to be made to make sure it's as enjoyable in a larger format as it was this weekend, but I think with the dedicated people we have who are willing to help us, we can do it.I couldn't possibly end this post without photos of my kids at TAT. Here are Hannah (middle) and her two best friends, Jenna and Storm Trooper - and, yes, that is a sand-person peeking out of the back of the Deuce. Below is Nicky on top the armored HV playing with the 50mm gun. Atta Boy!

Max was certainly smiling down on all of us Saturday. Here's a photo of him... (on the dash)


Anonymous said...

Hoorah and Hooray! 40 next year!

Anonymous said...

Hey that is amazing! Way to go. And what a great foundation for the future. 2500 people is a LOT! Max would be so proud!

Donna Ludwinski said...

I am THRILLED to read this awesome report. WAY TO GO MIKULAKS!!!!!!!! Max is beaming I am sure. WISH I could have been there. I feel the energy from HERE!!!! Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

A hundred wows, I am blown away. This is awesome! People shell out just a few bucks to have fun for a few hours AND raise $$$ for a worthy cause, sweeet!

I can only imagine how much work went into this. Admiring you from afar.


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