Neil mentioned Max's curls a couple of weeks ago. I've been thinking about them since... and I realized that this was during the good times so we didn't post much. But we see these pics everyday as they come up on our computer monitor's screensaver, so thought I'd share some favs. These were all taken during 2006, from Spring through Summer.


Rebecca said...

BEAUTIFUL BOY and Beautiful photos! I see so much of your Hannah in the 2nd to last one. :)

Thelma said...

These pictures are great... I loved his curly hair days. Several of the pictures reminded me of Hannah, too. We so miss that little boy.

Anonymous said...

Those curls are just awesome! Thanks for sharing those photos:)
Carrie P

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Love the smiles as well as those curls! See his sister and brother in those photos.

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