Erik's in heaven. His and his family's grace are... inspiring.


Bree said...

I'm so sorry! What an amazing family. Never did I know that I could be so inspired by a family I never even knew. Love you guys.

Rebecca Herbert said...

He was such a remarkable human being. I was often left speechless by his courage and positive attitude despite all the pain and hardships. He, like so many of the other NB kids-Max, Erin, Sam, Will and Lucas- have taught me so much about living...I am so sad he is no longer here...the world lost a true gem.

kipp said...

nothing makes my heart drop more than when someone's post starts with a name... the world just lost what would have been an amazing person. im going to go back and try to find the video of him talking at that conference. its amazing.

kipp said...

let me re-phrase... lost an amazing person and who have continued to be even more amazing.

Shannon B. said...

so very sad...such a strong young man and family.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend, I took a friend that was visiting from N. CA to a beach in Del Mar near Cedros District. As Kira, her friend, and Aiden ran around, I wondered if Max visited this beach. And imagined how much Lucas would have loved it.

As I read about Erik today, it took me back to when we first met. We were sitting in my family room saying how relieved we were that Erik went back on treatment. And happy that his cancer was responding. That was a little less than a year ago.

I think of you all often and wanted to drop a short note to let you know.


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