Max Weekend

Intend on having a very MAX weekend... Conan O'Brien, whom we never stay up to watch, started the weekend out just right...

Just saw Nigel Marven on the Tonight Show. Came out with a Monitor Lizard, Nigel bleeding from neck where the beast had scratched him on the way out. The Monitor lizard was a Max favorite as they ate "wilderbeets". Max used to watch DVD's from the playroom featuring Nigel in prehistoric times. Favorite show ever as there was real person interacting with the dinos.

Tears and smiles. So many memories.


Shannon B. said...

I love wilderbeets!!!! Definitely a smile :)

Amy Bucher said...

Andy and Melissa,

Sending so many hugs and prayers your way today and every day. Whether it's been a day, a week, a month, or a year, we miss our angels so very much. Thank you for all you do to continue the fight...

mom of ^^Arden^^ (NBIV, forever 3
11.12.04 - 08.30.08),
Grayson (2 1/2)
and pending Bucher number 3

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and Max today and every other regular day. You are amazing parents to all three of those beautiful children.
Carrie Palmer

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today. Still wearing my Max bracelet. You are amazing parents. Max was so blessed to spend his whole life with you. He touched so many lives. A bright star in the sky. Warm thoughts for your whole family. I will never forget your Max. East Coast Friend

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