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Not much else to say. Missy Morgan passed away on Wednesday from breast cancer. Her son Ryan passed away yesterday from neuroblastoma.

My Melissa wrote the following on Thursday night but never posted it:
Today I'm reminded that there is pain in this world greater than my own, which at times seems impossible. If you've never followed along on SuperRyan's journey through NB as his mother battled breast cancer... well... then you don't know pain. Ryan's been in the fight since 2004 and, like my Max, he has unfortunately not been able to find the cure and is home now simply battling the pain. Both he and his mom, Missy, are on home pain care. Last night his mom, Missy, passed away. How much pain can a family be expected to endure? All at once?

My favorite memory of Ryan, though I never got the privilege to meet him in person, is a picture of him standing amongst some Hooters girls with a "I am getting away with something here and I know it" smirk on his face.

I don't have a single favorite memory of Missy. I have many. She was one of the several NB moms whose unsolicited advice and encouragement I was always happy to receive. Here are some of the emails and blog comments Missy wrote to us over the years.

what a beautiful face, a beautiful spirit. We think of you everyday and pray for your strength.
Missy Morgan

Just wanted you guys to know you have been on my mind. It is so painful to think of how much you must miss Max. I wish there were someway to relieve that. We are praying for you to be able to stay as strong today as you have been the last three years.
Love, Missy

Hi Andy and Melis, Just checking on you guys this morning. Max is getting the same chemo as Ryan and they let us do it all at home. The visiting nurse comes the first day and accesses his port. sometimes she brings the irinotecan with her and sometimes they deliver it separately. anyway, it comes in 5 bulbs, one for each day and we keep it in the fridge. I don't know the physics of the bulb, but we just hook it up to his line and it pumps in over an hour. his temodar is oral, which I think it always is. you might ask if ya'll could do the same so Max doesn't have to go to the clinc. I know they have one more kid doing this here at CHOA. We are praying for ya'll.
Have a great Sunday,
Missy Morgan

Hi Andy and Melis, the new pics of Max getting accessed just broke my heart. I'm sure you're not short on suggestions, and I hesitate to make one, but-- If Max is only having a blood draw could he just have an arm stick? Ryan always prefers this to accessing his port. As a matter of fact, a week ago at the clinic he insisted on a finger stick, and our poor nurse just pumped and pumped his finger to get enough. Ryan's platelets are slow to respond, too and I have had the same sorts of things on my mind as well. I hope you will post the answers you get from your docs. we are praying his catecholomines drop and he gets a break. take care-
Missy Morgan
(superryan's mommy)

Our son, Ryan, just started the irinotecan and temodar. We go to the clinic the first day and a nurse comes out the next four to give it to him at home. He did great with that. It only works because he doesn't need all the hydration that usually comes with the chemo. The iri. only runs an hour and the tem. is oral. Could that work for ya'll so Max doesn't have to go to the clinic? Also, Ryan does better when he starts with an empty stomach. He had no nausea on those days. Good luck with it!
Missy Morgan


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those emails.
I have only been following their story a little while, and I hadn't personally known the family. But I had a sneaking suspicion that this mama had a very sweet soul. Thanks for a special window into her caring heart.

Hans' Mom

Shannon B. said...

Unimaginable and Absolutely heartbreaking. We just lost our neighbor, Robert Hoeffs to a brain tumor he battled for nearly 5 years. I hope he meets up with Missy and Ryan in heaven. xo, Shannon

Anonymous said...

There are simply no words...heartfelt prayers for this beautiful family.

Vickie said...

Andy, Melis, Hannah, and Nick,

Your vacation read sounds fascinating. I will look for it.

I know you will enjoy seeing Donna. Though we have never met, I consider a great friend. Please give her a hug for me.

Seriously, I promise to come visit you if I can get Walter out to visit his sister in southern CA. In the meantime, it's not easy to get to Bryan, but I would drive to Houston, Dallas, or Austin if you ever had a reason to travel in this direction.


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