A place for Max

This is Max's urn being created. The artist has been kind enough to give us a window into the creation of the vessel that will become the final, final home of Max's earthly remains. Click here for a neat little slideshow that Chris (the artist) put together for us. We can't wait to see it, touch it and place Max in it.


Randee said...

It took a few minutes for the slideshow to come up but worth waiting for--what a process and so very special to know the artist had similiar interests as Max when he was a young boy. Seems this urn has a special annointing as does our Max. Blessings!!

Anonymous said...

Incredible! That is some serious work and seems like it will be a special place for Max, which is so important. Thanks for sharing Andy.

Shannon B. said...

Wow! That is a very cool process. Will no doubt be an awesome piece of art and beautiful piece for Max. ~ Shannon

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing... Cluna

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