Connecting the dots II

I've posted on this before. I read the text of the speech again this morning. And today was the first time I watched the video of the 2005 commencement ceremony speech given by Steve Jobs. It deserves daily viewing in my opinion.

We lost 3 kids (that I know of) to NB this week:


Please visit their sites and offer whatever words or thoughts that come to you naturally.


Shannon B. said...

That is a great, great speech. Thanks for sharing.
~ Shannon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing....his words ring true. xo Linny

Anonymous said...


I can't tell you how much I needed to hear that speech today. You're timing was impeccable, and once again, I am touched and amazed at how your family is constantly reminding of the importance of living each day to the Max.

With love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, Hi Melissa,

I watched the speech again, as I was telling Ingo about it this weekend. Powerful words can change lives....thank you for sharing.


Randee said...

A great reminder to live each day to its fullest--to the Max!! In my thoughts daily; the picture of Max with the red striped shirt is--not sure of the words just the emotion when I see it. I've been back daily just to visit and enjoy the smile, the eyes, the preciousness, the surreal moment. Missing you but feeling your closeness. Love and hugs, Annee Ranee

Deck Ape said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Few know what this journey is like and it's a club nobody should belong to... Please add Cody to your warrior list..

Bless Max and your family...


XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma said...

Hi Melissa,
Thank you for sharing Xinxin's story.
Keep well.

Bre said...


Tuesday Finoa Whitt
October 11, 2206 - January 30, 2009

Anonymous said...

I hope you know (I know you probably do) that people all over the world still think about your family and sweet Max. Please post when you can so we can know how you are - we do care - *Ü*. It is St. Jude's Hospital day on our local radio station and I ended up having to turn it off - it is close to 3 years since dx of my son. He is doing well now but cancer will always be a part of our life...God bless you, and keep you...

L in AK

Randee said...

Missing your posts and updates!!!

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