Radiation Complete

Last Friday Max went in for his radiation appointment - first appointment of the day 6:45am. Luckily, Andy decided to take him so I didn't have to "do my hair" that early.

Max received 16 grays to the cancer spot on T11 in his spine. He was given anesthesia to allow the doctor and technicians full control over arranging his body in the best possible position to get the radiation exactly where it was needed (aka radiosurgery).

So now we wait. The radiation works over a few weeks and then Max will have a set of scans to see what's going on in there. Andy & I are hoping for the best... NED, of course.

In the meantime, Max is feeling great, enjoying school, and hating homework. His weight is up to 45.2 pounds! and he looks great. No more knobby, malnutritioned-looking knees, his face and body have filled in, AND I've had to let out the waists in all his pants! Hoo-yeah! Wednesday this week, he starts an after school Taekwondo class right at his school. We're hoping this class along with his weight gain and the physical therapy he gets will improve his strength, balance, agility, and self-confidence in taking part in sports/active play. He's been so weakened by the chemotherapy and cancer over the past three years that he's really missed out on a lot. It's no fun to be last in every race you run; not be able to catch the other kids when your IT; to get so tired that you have to sit down after only a short time of playing.


Vickie said...

What a joyful post to read. Congratulations to your whole family and I hope Max just gets more and more robust.


Anonymous said...

Our hope and prayer is for NED also! Go Max!

Randee said...

Hey--looking good there guy!!!! 45 pounds--that's awesome--hope you enjoy Taekwondo. So, so happy everything is looking up--we will keep that NED in our prayers. Have a great day!!!!!!
Love Annee Ranee

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