Back to the Grind

Andy's back to work today after a great two weeks off.

As Andy said in an earlier post, we hit the beach week-one just about everyday. Hannah's totally boogie boarding now, and Max runs around in the shallow waves and catches sand crabs. We dig a hole down by the water for Nic that serves as a pool and he plays there. Living this close to the beach is great!

This week we did Disneyland! All three kids loved it. Hands down favorite for Nic was the Buzz Lightyear ride (if you've been on it, you know why) with Small World holding a close second. Max graduated to Star Tours this year and just about came out of his skin - Star Wars fan that he is. Hannah moved up to the big-kid rides and did two rollercoasters: California Screamin' and Space Mountain (white knuckled on both but loved them just the same!). It is so fun to relive DLand through the eyes of your own kids. It really brings the magic alive.

I'll post photos over on Max's site of all the fun we had and you can read about how High School Musical 2 World Premier almost ruined our vacation on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Long warm days at the beach and a trip to Disneyland...that is what living in SoCal is all about! I am so glad that you had so much fun at Dland (sorry about HSM2), I can't wait to hear about Star Tours from Max! See you soon!!
=) Ms. Weitz

Anonymous said...

Bet it was a blast:) Glad you had a wonderful time!

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