Great Scans!

Max had his second round of scans this week. MRI, CTscan and bone scan... and all came out clean. I guess we can officially say he's in remission! Wow. His next sest of scans will be in three monthes; beginning of January.

We will make an appointment next week with his surgeon to have his hickman cathiter removed. (His "tubes" as he puts it.) Max is looking forward to this like nothing else. He'll be able to take a deep bath, a shower, go swimming... even get dressed all by himself because daddy and mommy will not have to unpin his tubes from his clothes. No more daily tube flushes, and no more weekly bandage changes.

Max still needs to have blood drawn about twice per month to check his chemistry (he's on retinoic acid orally for the final part of his protocol) but he's been having this done in his arm like a big guy (with a little help from numbing cream)!


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