Scan Results - Great!

Max received his MRI, CTscan, bone marrow biopsy and hearing test as scheduled on July 5.

All the scans and the biopsy show the cancer as dead. We can't say, "it's gone" because there is still a small (bullet size) portion of dead tumor tissue left in his neck that they don't want to try to remove - too invasive - and the scans show that it is dead. The pathology results from his bone marrow biopsy show no cancer cells.

Max will receive these scans and tests every three months for about two years to track the cancer and make sure it doesn't come back. Nueroblastoma is a very aggressive cancer and they don't take any chances with it.

Max showed a little loss in hearing at his hearing test. Mostly in the upper frequency range, but still within normal hearing range. We're going to take him to a hearing aide specialist and see what they can do for him. He has been displaying loss of hearing. Says, "I can't hear you. What did you say?"

He is in his final stages of the treatment protocol and is taking oral medication, Accutane (retinoic acid). 14 days on and 14 days off for 6 months. He still has to give blood for lab tests every two weeks, and currently still has his tubes (Hickman catheter) in his chest. We're going to try putting numbing cream on his arm and have an IV inserted for these blood draws and see how he fairs. We'll obviously explain to him that if he can tolerate the IV blood draw he can have his tubes removed. He's already asked when they're coming out, when he can take a shower or a deep bath, go swimming, play in the waves without having cling wrap all over him, etc.

We, the whole family, are enjoying only visiting the clinic every two weeks... and not being inpatient anymore! It's so nice to be home!


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